Free Consultation For Patients Interested in Cosmetic Surgery

Chicago, IL, April 8, 2010 - MetropolitanMD, a cosmetic surgical practice in Chicago IL.,has announced a program to provide free cosmetic consultations for patients interested in cosmetic surgery.

Often, the cost of seeking several opinions about the best procedures for an individual’s cosmetic concerns prevents patients from becoming fully informed as to their options. While the internet is a very valuable source of information, each individual has unique needs which can only be assessed and discussed with a qualified cosmetic surgeon who has the patient’s medical history and needs at hand. This program of obtaining free cosmetic consultations will promote safe and intelligent decisions for each patient seeking cosmetic rejuvenation.

The public is protected when they receive evaluation from a real cosmetic surgeon – education, training, and experience. MetropolitanMD is the only cosmetic surgery center in the Midwest with 3 double board certified cosmetic surgeons in 3 different areas of cosmetic surgery.

MetropolitanMD Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery in Chicago, IL.

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