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Dr. Edward Lack is double board certified in Dermatology and in Dermatologic Cosmetic Surgery. Trained at the University of Illinois Hospital and later at major medical centers in the United States, he has extensive experience as a dermatologist diagnosing and treating skin disorders. Having  more than 30 years experience combined with  collaboration with some of the most renown dermatopatholigists in the United States,  Dr. Lack can often treat the physiologic cause of skin disease so patients gain control over their skin problems.

Dr. Lack has extensive experience in the full spectrum of modern adult skin disease treatments. He diagnoses and treats acne, rashes, pigmentary disorders, skin cancer, rosacea, keratoses and much more, and combines this knowledge with his extensive background in cosmetic surgery to offer patients the best of both worlds.

The skin is the largest immune organ of the body and it is also the single most important physical protection from the environment that we possess. Assuring adequate protection from the sun, adequate moisturization, and a holistic approach to healthy nurturing of the skin, patients are less likely to have their disease recur without control. Even skin cancer can be delayed or prevented when patients are educated about their skin problems and how to treat them..

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