Thigh Lift / Arm Lift

Body contouring is more than just suctioning unwanted fat. It’s also sculpting the body by removing excess skin. After extreme weight loss and, in general, with aging, the skin around the thighs can become loose and crepey. Throw in fat pockets, and the thighs can lose their shape and tone. The surgical thigh lift tightens loose skin around the thighs and buttocks, and occasionally uses liposuction, to create more youthful, smoother, more contoured thighs and reduce the crepey look of the skin.

Smartlipo Arm Lift

Even thin people can have sagging upper arms. And the problem is almost universal among people who have had extreme weight loss. There is a surgical approach, called brachioplasty, that will permanently remove excess skin and fat in the upper arm. Many patients opt for a mini arm lift in which the incision scars are hidden in the armpits. For patients with mild to moderate sagging of the arms, Smartlipo liposculpture can be used in place of skin removal to tighten arm skin.

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