Lip Augmentation /

If injecting filler substances into your lips isn’t for you, perhaps a permanent solution to lip enhancement is. Today, the doctors at MetropolitanMD use a material that has been used safely by surgeons in different specialties for decades. These lip implants are pliable, do not cause allergic reactions, appear natural and keep lips plump without the need for return visits.

Temporary Lip Augmentation

Gone are the days when only collagen injections would soften and make lips more full. In a short office visit, with no surgery required, you can emerge with natural looking, plump lips. Today’s new filler options are safe, last from four to six months and have the potential to last longer. Lipoaugmentation is a procedure where the lips are filled with a patient’s own fat tissue as an alternative to a synthetic agent.

Lip Reduction

A safe surgical technique is available to reduce the size of the upper and lower lips. An intraoral incision is created and excess tissue is removed to downsize the fullness of the lips in patients who have an abundance of mucosal lip. This can be performed awake and usually the uneventful recovery last for several days.

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