Over the course of time, our skin can lose its elasticity from the combined effects of aging, lifestyle, and gravity. Our face and neck are particularly vulnerable to these effects. In time, loose, saggy skin will gather give your facial profile a saggy and appealing look. Trying to hide these early signs of aging becomes more and more difficult as time progresses.

Unfortunately, our age most often shows on our faces and necks because these are the areas of the body that are constantly exposed to the sun and the external environment as well as internal stress. Creases and folds can seriously detract from our appearance, a problem that has caused many to feel insecure about the way they look.

Usually, people who are 40 years and older, often find that most of the cosmetic treatments for wrinkled skin don’t work very well. The most effective treatments to reverse the visible signs of aging is the combined facelift and neck lift surgery. A facelift, often combined with a neck lift, can dramatically smooth the skin on the cheeks, along with the jawline, and on the upper half of the neck.

How Does A Facelift And A Neck Lift Work Together?

A neck lift and a facelift can complement each other well because they focus on areas of the face that are closely connected. The neck lift focuses on the lower part of the face, the jawline and down to the base of your neck. A facelift deals with the lower region of your face and the region from your jawline to just below your eyelids.

When these two areas are treated simultaneously, they can greatly affect the way you look. It’s a great solution when you have areas from the lower neck to mid-region of your face that you want to improve.

Combining both of these procedures creates smoother and tighter skin from your neck to your mid-face. The changes you’ll experience from having both done at once will be far more dramatic than what you’ll experience from one alone.

By combining the surgeries, most patients save money and spend less time recovering from the surgeries if they were performed separately. A combined surgery will allow your surgeon to make comprehensive aesthetic changes to your lower face, chin, and neck areas.

How Can The Combination Of A Neck Lift And A Facelift Benefit You?

Combining both surgical procedures drastically improves your outward appearance in many ways. It is helpful in removing excess saggy skin under the eyes, around the mouth, and cheeks. It can help restore a prominent jawline by tightening the skin between the face and neck. It is effective in eliminating excess fat in the lower face, chin, and neck. They can also smooth out prominent wrinkles and fine lines in the treatment area.

Results Of A Neck Lift And Facelift Procedure

After a patient has fully healed from the surgery, their facial skin will appear smoother and their jawline will be much more prominent. This procedure has been known to take years off someone’s age and boost their confidence significantly.

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Combining a neck lift and a facelift is a great way to remove the early signs of aging and feel better about the way you look. If you’re interested in learning more, contact MetropolitanMD Chicago‘s Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Center to schedule your informational consultation today!