Ever wished that aging didn’t have such a noticeable impact on your facial features? Age is just a number but it can sneak up on you when you look into the mirror and notice fine lines and wrinkles.

Thankfully, there are many options available to reverse the early signs of aging that are most evident on the face. But, what about the other tell signs of aging that appear along the jaw and neck? Thankfully, there is a procedure specific to removing double chins, mild jowls, and drooping skin on the neck called the Weekend Lift.

What Is The Weekend Lift?

The weekend lift is a combination of three innovative techniques which are SmartLipo, laser skin tightening, and neck suspension sutures. The Weekend Lift is called so because of the minimal time required to recover properly.

Unlike a traditional facelift which demands a minimum of two weeks of downtime and recovery, a weekend lift only requires three days for a patient to take time off to rest and recover.

The Weekend lift has become a popular cosmetic solution for people who lead an active and busy lifestyle because of it’s shorter recovery time and excellent results.

The most significant benefit of a weekend lift is the removal of jowls. Jowls are the region of the skin and flesh that hang down from the lower jaw and cheeks. It is important to mention here that although the weekend lift is not specifically targeting the neck, the patient does benefit from improved neck contours.

Candidates for the Weekend Lift

Weekend lift is ideal for both men and women who are in good overall health. Any adult, who strongly feels insecure about their facial jowls and desires a permanent correction, can opt for a weekend lift.

The age of the patient is an important consideration for patients who seek the weekend lift. The typical age of patients is between 35 and 75 years. Better results are noticed in patients with tighter skin.

If you have realistic expectations and are free from underlying health conditions then you will make a great candidate for the procedure.

The Weekend Lift Procedure

The Weekend Lift is a minimally invasive procedure. As a patient, you will be administered an anesthetic to help make you feel comfortable while three small incisions are made. These incisions are well hidden along the hairline.

Through SmartLipo, the fine fiber is inserted into the jowl region and the laser energy ruptures underlying fat cells. The liquefied fat is then gently aspirated out. Apart from removing fat cells, SmartLipo partially tightens the region of treatment. Following SmartLipo, laser skin tightening is performed through the use of non-invasive Infrared radiation.

Laser treatment increases the temperature of collagen cells triggering the skin cells to contract. Immediate tightening of the treated region is evident following the laser tightening procedure. The combination of both SmartLipo and Laser skin tightening presents tight, young looking skin absent from facial jowls.

Recovering From Your Weekend Lift

Since all the procedures performed under the weekend lift are minimally invasive, recovery is swift and largely pain-free. Post-operative swelling and bruising is expected, but these are temporary and should subside soon. By the end of 72 hours, the patient is free to resume their normal daily activities.

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