Acne Treatments/
Scar Revision

Acne in one form or another is the accumulation of skin cells and oil clogging pores. Sometimes this oil accumulation is consumed by bacteria on the skin, which produce fatty acids that cause inflammation characterized by red pimples, pustules, and cysts. Whether acne follows normal adolescence or is a result of changes in hormones in adult life, the result may be unsightly skin with poor self-esteem, painful skin lesions of the face, chest, and back, and potential scarring.

Today’s treatments strive to remove the cell debris and oil plugs that are the initial lesions of acne. Complete treatment involves home remedies, often including salicylic acid, retinoic acid and benzyl peroxide. Office procedure options include chemical peels when appropriate and phototherapy usually delivered as photodynamic therapy (PDT), or radiofrequency therapy.

Treatment of acne scars has also become more effective with the new fractional lasers, which only produce downtime of 12 hours to several days depending on the needs of the patient. While these treatments may need to be repeated several times, some patients have experienced up to 80% healing of acne scars and significant evening of skin color and tones.

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