Commonly, the only control patients can achieve over eczema and atopic dermatitis is to treat the physiologic cause of the disease. In many cases, this is due to an inappropriate release of histamine in the skin, which produces itching, swelling, inflammation, and eczema. Only a few antihistamines are effective in the skin and these are not very effective for respiratory allergies. By using skin sensitive antihistamines for periods of 3 months or more, patients can get control of many of their disease complaints.

Equally important is hydrating the skin with compounds that not only retain moisture, but also provide an anti-inflammatory effect. Historically coal tar and mud have provided this relief and these ingredients can be found in some over-the-counter products. Since no product can contain enough water to hydrate the skin on its own, these products must be used after bathing to be effective.

Controlling these 2 aspects of eczema will allow prescription medications to work and to produce long lasting results. Call for your appointment today. Most medical consultations are covered by health insurance.

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