Skin Cancer Treatment
and Reconstruction

The most common cancers in the United States and the 7th leading cause of death from cancer is skin cancer. More than 1 million cases of skin cancer will be diagnosed and treated in this year in the United States alone. Of these more than 50,000 will be malignant melanoma, the 7th leading cause of cancer deaths.

Dr. John Rachel has extensive experience in skin cancer reconstruction and facial plastic surgery to create the most up to date facility for diagnosing skin cancer and providing plastic surgical repairs. With our background in skin care and reconstructive surgery we have tools in diagnosis from the leading centers for dermatopathology in the United States, frozen section controlled excisions, plastic surgical repairs, laser surgery, and adjunctive treatments to minimize scars.

Dr. Rachel provides one of the most appealing parts of the cancer program at MetropolitanMD: cancer prevention. This uses modern knowledge of vitamin A metabolism and photodynamic therapy to help prevent new cancers from arising. Practiced in Europe for several decades, topical vitamin A, combined with skin nutrients and PDT (photodynamic therapy) can be an effective adjunct in the arsenal for skin cancer prevention.

PDT is a non-invasive treatment that involves application of a liquid, aminolevulinic acid, to the involved skin (face, neck, etc). The solution is left on the skin for 1 hour or more and the skin is then exposed to intense pulsed light. The light activates the chemical and causes an inflammatory response, which reduces the number of radiation-damaged cells.

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