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As far as we can remember, humans have battled against the effects of aging, sun, stress, and weather. Youthful and smooth skin are now adorned with lines and wrinkles on our cheeks, forehead, eyes, and the corners of our lips. Nowadays, we have new ways to return our looks to the days of youth with minimally invasive, nearly pain-free cosmetic skin treatments using both natural and synthetic dermal fillers.

Botox Cosmetic

When you smile, laugh, or frown, you contract the muscles of your face. With time, these contractions produce permanent lines in the skin. These wrinkles can make you look older, sad, tired, or permanently angry. BOTOX® Cosmetic not only prevents you from deepening these lines during natural facial expressions, it eliminates these signs of aging, leaving you looking younger and more revitalized. More Info


Dysport offers a quick and easy way to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and rejuvenate the youthful appearance of the face. Dysport injections are an excellent option for women and men who want to reduce the visible signs of aging on their face or combat premature aging. At MetropolitanMD, Dr. John D. Rachel strives to provide the best Dysport results Chicago has to offer. More Info


Many people feel self-conscious about the appearance of a “double chin.” This cosmetic concern can be caused by loose tissue and/or excess fatty tissue in the upper neck, creating a less defined profile. While a double chin has traditionally been corrected with liposuction or a neck lift, MetropolitanMD now offers the non-surgical solution known as KYBELLA™. More Info

Consultation Process for Injectables

To schedule your consultation, you can easily book an appointment through our website. During your initial consultation, you will meet with Dr. John D. Rachel, who will assess your individual needs and goals.

Expect a thorough discussion about your medical history, any concerns you may have, and what you hope to achieve with injectables. Dr. Rachel will explain the different types of injectables available, such as Botox® and dermal fillers, and recommend the best options for your specific situation. This personalized approach offers an effective and safe treatment tailored to your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is a good candidate for injectables?

    Good candidates for injectables are typically adults looking to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles or to add volume to areas like the lips or cheeks. Candidates should be in good general health and have realistic expectations about the procedure’s outcomes.

  • What are the side effects of injectables?

    Common side effects include mild swelling, redness, and bruising at the injection site. These effects are usually temporary and subside within a few days. More serious side effects are rare but can include infection or allergic reactions. It’s important to discuss any concerns with Dr. Rachel before treatment.

  • How long do injectable results last?

    The longevity of results varies depending on the type of injectable used. Botox® typically lasts three to four months, while dermal fillers can last anywhere from six months to two years, depending on the product and area treated.

  • What is the difference between Botox and dermal fillers?

    Botox® is a neuromodulator that temporarily paralyzes muscles to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. It is commonly used on the forehead and around the eyes.

    Dermal fillers, on the other hand, add volume and fullness to the skin and are often used for lip enhancement, cheek augmentation, and smoothing deeper facial lines.

    • Do injectables hurt?

      Discomfort from injectables is usually minimal. We may use a topical anesthetic to numb the area before injection, which helps to reduce any pain. Patients often describe the sensation as a brief pinching or stinging.

    • How much do injectables cost?

      The cost of injectables varies depending on the type and amount of product used, as well as the specific area being treated. It’s best to discuss the cost during your consultation to get an accurate estimate tailored to your treatment plan.

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