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What is Chin Augmentation Surgery?

Disproportionate facial features can accentuate the size of the nose or compromise a person’s overall appearance. Men and women who are unhappy with having a recessed chin, an undefined jawline, or facial asymmetry can enhance the contours of their lower face with chin augmentation. This surgical procedure can improve facial balance and produce beautiful, sculpted results. Dr. John D. Rachel performs chin augmentation in Chicago, Illinois, using implants of various shapes and sizes to deliver customized and permanent facial contouring results.

Is Chin Augmentation Right for Me?

You may be a good candidate for Chin Augmentation if you wish to correct any of the following issues:

  • Poor jawline definition
  • A receding chin
  • A small chin
  • A smaller jaw structure
  • A slope from chin to neck
  • Your nose appears larger than it should
  • Your facial balance is off, appearing top-heavy

Chin Augmentation Surgical Technique

During surgery, an implant is placed through a small incision under the chin or inside the mouth. The implant increases chin projection, creating a more appealing balance between your chin and other features. The subtle increase in volume creates a more sculpted, youthful neckline. Your jawline is more refined, your nose may appear smaller, and your other features look more attractive.

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Chin Augmentation Recovery

Recovery from chin implant surgery is relatively easy. You can expect some bruising, swelling, and discomfort. Other than that, you may feel some numbness in your chin that resolves over time. You will be able to resume your normal daily activities within reason and return to work within a few days. It is best to wait a few weeks before going back to an exercise routine.

Your Chin Augmentation will be performed in Dr. John D. Rachel's surgery center located in North Shore.

Dr. Rachel and his staff were nothing short of EXCELLENT. They were all extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and attentive. You can definitely tell that Dr. R is an expert at what he does. I was very nervous for surgery but my experience was better than I could’ve imagined from start to finish. A++

Chin Augmentation Surgery FAQ

  • Which implant will create the best result?

    One of the most critical points in a beautiful result is selecting the perfect implant for your facial structure. Dr. Rachel has an eye for balance and will advise you about the implant that will achieve a result that looks beautifully natural and will bring your features into proportion.

  • What material are the implants made of?

    Facial implants are created out of medical-grade silicone and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

    *Silicone implants are FDA approved for facial enhancement. However, silicone injections are not FDA approved and should not be injected into any part of the face. Doing so may result in pain, disfigurement, and even death.

  • How long will my results last?

    Most patients experience a lifetime of improvement after their facial implant surgery.


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