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What is Juvéderm®?

juvederm logoJuvéderm is one of the most popular injectable fillers used at our Chicago office. Comprised of hyaluronic acid, a natural and valuable component found in the skin that depletes as we age, Juvéderm adds volume where this depletion is noticeable. Once injected, the surface of the skin looks fuller, smoother, and softer. Juvéderm is used to treat areas where wrinkles reside closely together. This is because once injected, Juvéderm tends to spread beyond the actual injection site. Producing results that can last up to 9 months, Juvéderm is primarily used for the correction of moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds. It is commonly injected around the mouth, nasolabial folds, lips, and can also be used to fill deep creases between the eyebrows.

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What to Expect During Your Juvéderm® Treatment

Juvéderm is performed during an in-office appointment. Prior to receiving the injection, an assessment will be made as to 1- which of the Juvéderm family of products to use 2- where the injections will go, and 3- how much of the medication (number of syringes) is needed to produce the desired results. After a Juvéderm treatment, patients can return to work, but exercise or strenuous activity should be avoided for about 24 hours. The injections sites may appear red and swollen, but this usually resolved within a couple of hours. Some patients may bruise, but this is also temporary. The visible results after the injections can be appreciated immediately. The results can last about 6-9 months before another round of injections are needed or desired.

Alternative Fillers

While Juvéderm® offers great benefits for patients seeking skin rejuvenation, there are other injectable fillers that may be considered as well. Some of these are comprised of materials such as collagen, polylactic acid, and calcium hydroxyapatite. During your consultation, we will discuss the various fillers that are available today and work with you to understand your aesthetic goals so that the best filler choice can be made.

Expected Cost of Juvéderm®

The cost will vary based on the product used and the number of syringes injected.

What Areas Can Be Treated?

Juvéderm offers a subtle, natural approach to enhancing your appearance. Treatments can be used to smooth facial folds and lines, create fuller lips, and shape facial contours, especially the cheeks and chin.

The Most Common Areas Treated Are:

  • From the nose to the angle of the mouth (the nasolabial folds)
  • Lips (enhancement)
  • Cheeks and chin (shaping)
  • Back of the hands, décolletage, face (skin rejuvenation)
  • Between the eyebrows (the glabellar lines)

As with any medical or surgical procedure, there are risks involved with a Juvéderm® injection. Please review the Juvéderm® website for additional information. Juvéderm® Website

Your Juvéderm® will be performed in Dr. John D. Rachel's surgery center located in North Shore.

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Juvéderm® FAQ

  • Does Juvéderm® Hurt?

    Although the needle used for these injections is very fine, some people may experience mild discomfort, a local anesthetic cream or a mixture of Laughing gas (Nitrous Oxide) may be used.

  • Can Juvéderm® be Used If I’ve Had a Laser Treatment or Chemical Peel?

    If you have recently had some kind of cosmetic treatment, we recommend you wait until the area has completely healed and your skin is back to its normal condition.

  • Is There Any Downtime with Juvéderm®?

    Immediately following your treatment, you can expect some slight redness, swelling, pain, tenderness, itching and/or bruising – just as you might expect with any type of injection. However, the discomfort is temporary and generally disappears after a few days. With lip enhancement, it is wise to choose your treatment time with care since your lips may become swollen and appear slightly uneven for a few days.


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