Liposuction has evolved into a blend of art and science that reshapes the body as well as improves skin quality. In this section you will find discussions of Liposculpture for Women and Men, Weekend Liposculpture, and Laser Assisted Liposculpture. Don't forget to view before and after photos of some of our patients.

Total Body Liposuction

Procedure Duration

2 - 3hr per Procedure

Back to Work

3 Days


Local IV

Used more for body reshaping than bulk reduction, the total body Liposuction approach permanently removes disproportionate pockets of fat to create a more balanced form. MetropolitanMD doctors use the tumescent technique, sculpting once fatty areas anywhere on the body with small cannulas. This popular technique offers dramatic results and minimal downtime, allowing patients to return back to normal routines in 1-2 days.

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Liposuction for Women

Modern liposuction techniques address both body sculpting and skin rejuvenation in order to improve body shape and appearance. Using principals of tumescent anesthesia, laser lipolysis (like Smartlipo), and fractional laser skin rejuvenation almost all body areas can be addressed.

Circumferential Torso – The abdomen, hips, waist, and back can be reshaped and in most cases the skin appearance improved with a combination of Smartlipo and Fractional Laser Therapy.

Arms and Calves/Ankles- Both droopy arms and stove pipe appearance of calves can be improved by selectively reshaping fatty areas that distort our anatomic appearance.
Thighs- Thighs can be made shapelier either by reducing inner and outer distortions or by reducing the circumference of the thigh with a procedure called circumferential thigh liposculpture.

Breasts- Breast reduction using Smartlipo is less traumatic with a faster recovery than traditional surgical procedures. While not all breasts can be treated this way it is a good option for patients with good skin tone and because it is easier to perform is usually less costly.

Face and Neck – Smartlipo is an excellent treatment for early jowling and double chins with recovery time usually around 2-3 days.

Weekend Liposuction

One of the fathers of modern Liposuction, Dr. Lack developed Weekend Liposuction, combining the traditional tumescent technique, with the precision of micro-cannulas and laser-assisted Liposuction. He encourages patients to briskly walk four to eight miles the day after having this gentle but effective procedure, in order to enhance the body's healing process and contouring ability.

Laser Assisted Liposuction

A tumescent liposuction pioneer, Dr. Lack focuses on developing innovations to the procedure, enhancing its safety and effectiveness and performed early clinical studies on the technique in US. Today, he is highly skilled at Laser Assisted Liposuction, which results in faster healing and more comfort during and after the procedure.

Liposuction for Men

More men are turning to Liposuction to achieve contoured and chiseled physiques. Today's Liposuction techniques permanently remove exercise- and diet-resistant fat bulges, particularly burdensome to men around the "love handles," male breasts, abdomen and neck. This outpatient procedure is the only way to rid patients of unwanted fat in body areas that are genetically programmed to resist weight loss. Most patients return to work and exercise in just days.

See photos and video in the 3D Room.

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