A great deal of women want a bigger and more well rounded buttocks for a sexier and more alluring appearance that they can show off. Some choose to undergo a variety of workout routines aimed to tone the buttocks. There are times, however, when spending a large amount of time in the gym does not result in the expected outcome. In such cases, a plastic surgery procedure such as the Brazilian butt lift, can be a worthy solution.

The Brazilian butt lift is a surgical procedure that focuses on improving the look of the buttocks. The treatment relies heavily on liposuction to extract fat from other regions of the body. The extracted fat is harvested and reinjected into buttocks to give it a more full and well-rounded look.

It is an effective solution for a sagging, flat, and asymmetrical buttocks. As opposed to butt implants, many prefer the Brazilian butt lift because it is a more natural approach. Using one’s own fat minimizes any risks associated with the procedure and the look of the butt will be more natural than the results delivered by other treatments.

A Good Candidate For Brazilian Butt Lift

Healthy patients without any medical complications like neurological disorders, lung, or cardiovascular diseases are good candidates for a BBL. You will need to be within your ideal weight range before undergoing the treatment to limit any chance of reversing the effects. You must also not be pregnant and not plan on having children in the near future to experience the long-lasting results provided by the treatment.

There must also be sufficient fat deposits for extraction and harvest. Common areas used to harvest the fat from are the love handles, thighs, and the abdominal area.

The Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure

While performing the procedure, there are three main steps your surgeon may take to provide you with the optimal results, and they are:

  • Fat harvest: Fat is removed through liposuction from designated regions like the hips, abdomen, back, and thighs. An added benefit here is an overall improvement in the patient’s figure. Your surgeon will make several strategically placed incisions to gain access to the fat deposits.
  • Processing: Removed fat is aseptically transferred to the processing area where it is centrifuged and purified.
  • Reinjection: Processed fat is strategically injected into regions marked by the surgeon to give a well-rounded final appearance. The procedure is complete when an appropriate amount of fat is reinjected into the buttocks.

Weight Gain and Pregnancy Post BBL

Like fat deposits in other regions of the body, the fat injected into the butt region shrinks and grows with the body. If your weight increases, there is a high chance of accumulating fat in the buttock region as well. Conversely, losing weight can cause the fat cells to shrink. It is importance to maintain a consistent body weight to retain the best results.

Chances of pregnancy or fertility are not affected by undergoing a BBL. Those who plan on getting pregnant within a year of surgery are advised to avoid it because of all the changes the body goes through during gestation. It is better for such women to come back after giving birth.

BBL Aftercare

During the first few weeks of surgery, it is important not to directly sit on the butt or apply any pressure. Patients are also advised to lie down on their stomach or on the sides. Following the day of the surgery, patients must resume their routine and be up and walking to improve healing and limit fluid formation.

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A Brazilian butt lift can improve the contours of your body and make you look more alluring. To learn more about the treatment and the potential benefits it can provide, contact our office to schedule a consultation with Dr. John D. Rachel, Quadruple Board-certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon.