Q: Dr. Rachel – Here in Chicago – you just attended a top seminar on your most popular procedure – rhinoplasty.

DR – Yes – I always try to stay ahead of things – and this was no exception. It was a multi-national rhinoplasty conference. It was all about the latest advances in how to make your nose as good as it can. Rhino specialists came from all over the world.

Q: You’re known for your great rhinoplasty work and experience. Lots of patients come to see you. You get lots of referrals. That’s not easy in rhinoplasty – because, you have to be consistent. And no two rhino patients are exactly the same.

DR – Yes, I’ve had the good fortune working with my rhino patients and getting them the best results. You never stop learning – and that’s why conferences like this are very important.

Q: Rhinoplasty seems to be more than the sum of its parts. It’s cosmetic – but – it’s also about how a patient breathes through their nose.

DR – Yes – every patient is different. It can change your life in how you look, how you feel and how you breathe. It has a great impact on my patients. They’re very happy and their quality of life really improves.

Q: So, why does a patient need rhinoplasty?

DR – Patents come in for a combination of issues. Perhaps they don’t like the way their nose looks – and/or their ability to breathe and/or – do they have normal functioning sinuses. So, it is one or a combination. Some of this can be related to trauma, cancer or – perhaps – someone just doesn’t like the way their nose looks.

Q: And, your patients vary from 16 to over 60 – male and female.

DR – That is correct. In general – the youngest is 16 for females – 18 for males. All shapes and sizes – it’s just amazing that no two patients are the same, but the outcome is the same – terrific.

Q: Going back to the recent rhinoplasty conference – how detailed was it?

DR – The advances in rhinoplasty course for example – was Thursday through Sunday – 12 hours a day. Speakers came from all over the world!

Q: What’s exciting about your takeaway? What can you share with readers?

DR – I would say – over time – a form and function have developed. In the past – the only concern was how the patient looked. Not how the nose functions. We concentrated on how patients can look great – but how do they breathe and how comfortable are they. Today – it’s about both. You look great and the nose functions at its best. So you look great, breathe the way you want.

Q: And the days of someone looking like they had a, “nose job” is passe.

DR – Yes, at least with me. Honestly, if you’re doing this – there is no reason a patient should not have good-looking, natural nose that makes him or her feel great!

Q: And clearly – your results show it. Thank you Dr. Rachel for this update!