Dr John Rachel is proud of his clients. And we’re proud of his legacy, because, many patients have been with him for years.

Tina says – great looking skin is an age-buster
Tina is a bonefide (Dr. Rachel) legacy patient

Q: Tina – thanks for your time.

Tina – I’ve been coming here for about 15 years. I started with skin conditions and as things got better, I began getting ant-aging procedures such as Botox and skin re-surfacing.

Q: Can you tell us a little more about skin-surfacing and Dr. Rachel?

Tina – He uses a CO2 laser and goes over the surface of the face and – he can also the neck. It is very in-depth – and the results are incredible.

Q: And, you’ve had this done several times?

Tina – Yes – that time – and once before.

Q: How often will you do re-surfacing?

Tina – It really depends on your lifestyle. As I age, I want to keep this consistent so, to answer your question – about every five years.

Q: Would you describe yourself as a fair skin person?

Tina – In the summer – yes, but in the winter – more fair skin. Like most adults should, I watch my outdoor sun exposure. Dr. Rachel always has input on keeping skin younger and great looking. So between those 5-year visits – there a smaller tune-ups as well.

Q: It really is all about the skin – certainly as we age.

Tina – It is. I must say, I don’t worry about it at all. I’ve aged quite gracefully. Also, Dr. Rachel’s staff is terrific. I always look forward to my visits. And, that’s a good point – to look good for your age. Nothing overdone.

Q: That’s great news.

Tina – Dr. Rachel spends a lot of time listening to you. He then, gives advice – then – listens to your feedback. I’ve recommended friends – and even my son came in to have something done.

Q: Thanks Tina.

Dr. Rachel specializes in skin care. The CO2 laser has helped Tina and many other clients age well and look great. But, your skin is special. When you talk to Dr. Rachel, you’ll know the best way to keep your skin younger and great-looking.