Catherine Has Been With Dr. Rachel For Over Three Years

Q: Catherine – How long have you known Dr. Rachel?

Catherine – I’d say at least three years.

Q: What was the first thing you had done?

Catherine – My lower eyelids and my chin.

Q: What was bothering you about your eyelids?

Catherine – I had bags and I was constantly being told how tired I looked.

Q: And your chin?

Catherine – In my family, we had the hereditary double chin.

Q: And you kept coming back.

Catherine – Yes – and lately I’ve been doing fillers done.

Q: What is a filler in your words?

Catherine – It rejuvenates the face and takes some years off. It’s a great first-step if your not ready to do a bigger procedure. It’s very non-invasive. And, Dr. Rachel does it – not somebody else.

Q: Lots of folks say – the Dr. Rachel gets to know his patients.

Catherine – He does. He’s easy to talk to and let’s you know exactly what’s going on. Fillers are a good example. He explained how doing a filler could benefit me. He was exactly right – and I keep going back.

Q: Women pretty much know what’s bothering them, don’t they?

Catherine – Yes, they do. And Dr. Rachel gives you the information in complete clarity – without trying to sell you.

Q: You did fillers. Anything else?

Catherine – Just did a liposuction. And, it looks great. One more thing about Dr. Rachel – he’s triple-board certified and has such experience. I love going there. Love his staff too. If feel so special when I’m there. By the way I’m 56 and just recently, competed in a beauty pageant and… I won. No way that would have happened without Dr. Rachel.

Q: Catherine – great story!