We thank Mary for giving us an insight into her Botox updates. She calls them, “fine-tuning” and says, it’s the best way to get rid of wrinkles – and – it takes a few minutes. And, she’s been doing it for years.

Q: Mary – thanks for your time. You’re a big believer in Botox – you must be because, you’ve been coming to Dr. Rachel for years.

Mary – I’ve been coming to Dr. Rachel for 14 years. It started with an under the eyelift. I’ve been getting Botox for at least 10 years. And, fillers – lips, face– I try to maintain.

Q: So – you do this to maintain your look. Nothing overboard.

Mary – That is correct. I’m not trying to look outside my age – I just want to look good for my age. Botox is a great way to do this. The trick is – you have to do it – for me – about once every six months.

Q: For those who just don’t know, tell us about Botox. What is it like? What does it do for you?

Mary – With Dr. Rachel, it’s terrific. He does Botox in baby steps. You don’t even know it. I’m prone to getting wrinkles between the eyes. And another thing – I thought I had a little birth mark on my chin. Dr. Rachel made that go away. I had had that for years and years. I go there to get the forehead and chin. To answer your question – I am not concerned about wrinkles and advanced aging on my face. I don’t even think about it.

Q: So with your Botox updates – you have no wrinkles in those places?

Mary – That’s right. And, I love those visits. It’s so simple. And, I try to talk my friends into getting rid of those lines that are setting in. So, yes – I do look at “them.” (laughs).

Q: Tell us about fillers. Not Botox – but they too – can play a great roll in just looking great.

Mary – Dr. Rachel told me that fillers would be perfect for certain parts of my face. So, as with Botox – I started doing filler maintenance as well. I started this about about the same time as Botox. Earlier in my life – I laid out in the summer – so, I had some damage.

Q: Fillers are great for filling-in substance that was lost over time.

Mary – That’s right. And, I believe, if you do them as you go along – no one knows anything was done. Combined with Botox updates – you get up in the morning – and – no concerns.

Q: Anything else on the horizon?

Mary – Maybe a partial face lift. A little more on my Botox – I go back to Dr. Rachel about once every six months. Botox is not just for vanity. I believe it’s a necessity. As you get older – you have a choice. But, there’s no reason – because – it just takes a few minutes to take years off. Take if from me. In fact, I’ll be glad to show you what it does for me. It’s been amazing.