When the signs of aging begin to take form in your facial region, one of the most pronounced areas of the face that display them is the forehead. There are a lot of cosmetic procedures available to correct the signs of aging and other skin troubles caused by skin damage. Among the treatments available to you is a forehead lift.

A forehead lift is a highly sought after procedure because of the effectiveness of the surgery. A single forehead lift can make an individual look several years younger. An endoscopic forehead lift is known to have a very high success rate.

Endoscopic Forehead Lift

Aging can result in frown lines, drooping brows (brow ptosis), fine lines, and wrinkles. As you get older, your skin begins to lose its natural elasticity. So smiling, frowning, and other normal facial expressions leave permanent lines on the face. Some issues can be addressed by correcting the skin and some can be corrected by addressing the internal facial muscles.

The method adopted depends on the actual problem at hand and the level of correction that the patient requires. The endoscopic forehead lift is one of the most convenient procedures to correct the visible signs of aging on the forehead and can instantly rejuvenate the face by making it look more youthful and radiant.

With an endoscopic forehead lift, the lines are erased and the eyebrows are given a slight lift. The procedure is a lot similar to the traditional forehead lift, but an endoscope is used for a more precise correction.

The Procedure

The procedure can be done with local or IV anesthesia. This will help to keep you comfortable during the entire process. Instead of a long incision similar to what’s used in other cosmetic surgeries, this treatment involves only small incisions. Once the necessary incisions are made, the endoscope is then inserted into the targeted area where the correction is required.

This allows your surgeon to have a clear picture of the intensity of damage and thus plan the most appropriate correction. The forehead skin is then lifted upward to allow the lifting and repositioning of the eyebrows and the muscles and tissues in the area. The removed muscle tissues are those that cause the fine lines and wrinkles on the forehead. If the skin is sagging too much, a portion of the skin might also be removed. The incisions are then stitched back together.

What To Expect After The Surgery

The patient would be asked to leave the bandages on the sutures for two or three days. If there are removable stitches, then these might be removed in two weeks or later as required. A few weeks of recovery time is all that is required for the endoscopic forehead lift.

As the incisions are small and the correction is precise, the recovery is also quicker than the traditional forehead lift. If you’re working with an experienced surgeon and follow the instructions given to you, you will achieve exceptional results from this treatment.

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