A double chin is a sign of aging that is hard to eliminate, as it is often unaffected by diet and exercise. Before 2015, submental liposuction (liposuction in the region below the chin) was the only way to get rid of the fat that leads to a double chin. In 2015, the FDA approved Kybella, which are injections that can be used to eliminate double chins. Unlike liposuction, Kybella is minimally invasive and does not have a long recovery period. Moreover, patients who do not like invasive procedures or cannot afford liposuction can choose Kybella instead.

Am I the Right Candidate?

Anyone who is in good health and wants to get rid of their double chin can be a suitable candidate for Kybella. Usually, patients choose the procedure if their double chin is excessive and causes discomfort. Cosmetically, getting rid of a double chin makes for a smoother neck and a more defined jawline. This will make patients more confident, both physically and socially. A facial plastic surgeon can assist patients regarding Kybella and can give them all the information they need.

Patients with double chins as a result of being overweight might not be suitable for Kybella, as too many sessions and injections might be required to deal with the amount of fat. Kybella is also not suitable for dealing with loose neck skin.

The Procedure

Kybella is a synthetic formulation of deoxycholic acid, which is naturally produced by the body and is used to break down certain types of fat. The synthetic replication of the acid enables surgeons to target the submental area and enhance the breakdown of fat to make it quicker. Kybella is administered in the form of injections after a topical numbing agent is applied. Multiple small injections are applied to the area in a matter of minutes. There is rarely any discomfort for the patient thanks to the numbing agents.

Depending on each individual case, multiple sessions might be required to achieve the desired results. The doctor usually decides how many sessions are needed and the time between each session. Typically, patients need approximately 6 sessions and more than 20 injections during each session.


There is no specified recovery time for Kybella. Patients can get the injections and then go home immediately without any worries. Strenuous physical activity needs to be avoided for the first few days after the surgery, and minor bruising might be present in some cases. Patients can go back to their daily routines right after the procedure is completed. There may be slight redness or bruising after the procedure, but these symptoms are easily cured using commonly available medications like Tylenol or with the use of ice packs.


Kybella injections take time to break down the targeted fat; as such, optimal results will be seen weeks after the procedure. Typically, final results are seen in a couple of months. Patients are given detailed care instructions for this time period. Sun damage needs to be prevented, and good skin care is a must.

Set Up a Consultation

To learn more about Kybella to reduce the submental region, contact our office and make an appointment. During a consultation with board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. John D. Rachel, you’ll be able to ask questions and see Before & After photos.